Thursday, March 19, 2009

What Is Time and the Sphere of Endlessness

During atheist/theist debates both sides usually begin to argue about the eternity of God and that God created time or that the Big Bang started time. This discussion is always rooted to the question: How did life begin? Yet, I find that a conclusion is never come to because neither can define what time itself is; and in this sense I mean to define what time is and what its origin is (if it is not eternal).

Time is relative and progressive. I, nor you, cannot go back to the infinitith second before reading or writing this statement. Time is always moving forward. But time is also not a figment of reality, material or energy. Time is relative, an idea used to describe the progression of actions or inactions in the universe. Even if everything stopped in the universe, time would continue to move forward, regardless of the inaction in the universe—you cannot stop time.

Many theologians of Christianity argue that God is eternal. Eternal is described as never having a beginning of an end—forever. Yet, time is always moving forwards, regardless of motion, and NEVER backwards (and even if it were moving backwards it would be moving forwards).

In the Creationist theory of life, God is stated as the creator and Earth and all of its entities are stated as the created. This poses the question, who created God? If God WAS created, then the forever repetitious question is asked, who created the creator? By this definition eternity is created. But how? How is it possible for everything to have a creator? If God was NOT created, and is eternal, this poses the question, how? If God was NOT created, one jumps past the creationist idea and straight to the ‘how.’

Let’s explore this in a mathematical sense. Time can be compared to a number line. Time is forever on zero, because in mathematics numbers go on forever…in both directions! But that still does not answer where the first of the first came from. If something has a beginning, that suggests that time is not eternal, that a beginning did exist, even though an end does not (because time is moving forward regardless of action). But if a beginning began, it began through means before it, suggesting that time is eternal.

To be fair, the Big Bang theory also suggests that time is created at the point of the big bang. Yet, the theory is based on the idea of the 4th dimension and its superseding dimensions. This suggests too that time did not begin with the Big Bang—although the universe may have…it is still under exploration—because something triggered the bang.

As I write this my brain not only hurts but finds itself on the Sphere of Endlessness. No answer is found in EVERY way you view time. And note, I'm open to suggestions and answers if you have them...and definitely comments =D

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Philosphy: The Core of My Mind

To understand my following posts one must first understand the core principles of my philosophy and why I express myself the way I do.

My core principle:

~"As long as it does not physically harm another person, every person is free to do what he/she pleases." (of course this same principle does include emotional/mental harm as well but that's within reason)

With this principle, the Libertarian principle coincidentally, I was able to develop my opinions on subject matters further and envision a world based on this principle and I saw perfection. Of course perfect does not truly exist but if I could have the world my way it is through this vision and principle I work and act through.

~"The Chaos Theory, also known as the Butterfly Effect, is relevant to the world down to the tiniest detail."

By reading this blog you are changing the world. By reading "By reading this blog you are changing the world," you are changing the world. If I had forgotten to put something on this page or made a typo I would be changing your future thoughts, as well as if I hadn't.

My two key values of expression:

~"Tolerence and acceptence can lead to a world of diverse happiness"

~"Communication leads as the world's greatest roadblock to every issue; including intolerence as a major symptom."

Collectively, I believe that if these two values become perfected in life, the world will change drastically.